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IPL Hair Removal

How often should I do the treatment until I get the real beauty look?

Usually after 4-6 times then you can enjoy doing  the treatment by yourself. But if you do the treatment about 8-10 times here, then the useless hair will be remove.

For 1 year, how often should I come here?

Actually, adjusting with the hair period, it should be about 35 days – 60 days for the first phase.

Regarding the place of the treatment, is there any different of how often should I do the treatment ?

It’s based on the hair’s spot problem (some specific hair), it may take more treatment that the usual one.

Is the different of hair thickness can affect of how often the treatment are?

Basically, the thickness of hair doesn’t affect of how often the treatment, but the changing condition of customer does.

This is my first hair removal, is this really okay?

For the first time customer, there are no need to worry because there will be counseling, technical explanation, and also our staff will explain the procedure, then you could also discuss with our staff.

Where is the part the part that hurt the most?

It’s different for each person, but commonly regarding the delicate zone,  there is part that easy to pain based on the density of the hair.

How much time does it required for the hair removal ?

Depends on the place, but if for both of armpits will be  take 15 to 20 minutes until your return from your visit. For the first time, it will need counseling first that may take about 30 minutes.

How often should be the good phase to take ?

Accordance to the hair cycle, it will be better to make visit about 35 days – 60 days often.

For the day, could I just come to the shop that doing the hair removal ?

If possible, please do self treatment by electric shaver on the day or the day before. But if the customer can’t doit by herself or doesn’t have much time to doing it by herself, our staff will gladly done it for you.

What should I do if I want to do self treatment for the hair in the delicate zone or for the whole body ?

As long as your reachable range is enough. For the back and other delicate zone, you can come to the salon and get treated there.

Until the next hair removal visit, what should I do for the self treatment?

Please refrain from self-treatment with tweezers and wax until all of the hair removal is finished. It is recommended for doing self treatment with the electric shaver.

What would be is the course?

It’s possible to buy by the package.

As hair removal in the shoulder, which category you consider as that?

For shoulder’s hair removal, it is back part (upper part), including chest.

What is the different of bikini’s line and V line?

Its just the different phrase, the part is same.

Could you tell me the price ?

The price is different depends on the part of hair removal. Please contact our staff.

Can I use credit card?

In all of our shop, we provide for VISA / JCB / and also Master card.

Is it possible to doing the installment payment?

Installment payment is possible for the credit card.

When should I do the counseling?

The counseling will begiven for the first time visit customer.

Is there any different result for each person that done the hair removal ?

It is different for each person, but we treat all of customer with the experienced staff that will apply the hair removal treatment and hair problem one by one and give our best for the best result.

Maybe because of the self treatment there is part that would be darker,…but don’t be worry because there is a private room for the treatment.

Since the staff will also be addressed in a natural atmosphere, the first time customers whose resist at first  also, mostly they get used to the second and so on.

After the treatment can we in the fukuro ?

Although there is no hindrance in daily life, because treatment day, you should prevent the heat and irritation to the skin, then please do a good shower of lukewarm.

What should I do for the after care ?

After the hair removal, its become easy to dry, so please have enough of a heat care. And also, to prevent  things like become irritating to the skin, please do the UV care enough so you not getting the sunburn.

Is this special salon just for woman?

Yes, this salon is special for woman. But for only PariPaporium shop, at Saturday and Sunday is open for men who wan to do the slimming and mask treatment.

Can teenagers do the hair removal too?

Above 16 years old, or has already got her period, can do hair removal as mentioned below.

Is that okay to do hair removal even the skin is weak ?

When skin is extremely weak, such as extreme dry skin, there is a case to refuse the hair removal by the state and symptoms of skin.

If there are others thing  to worry, we will determine after look at the state of customers skin, so please consult at the time of counseling.

Can I do the hair removal during pregnancy ?

We suggest not to doing hair removal during pregnancy. For the next treatment, we recommend you to visit after 2 times period after giving birth.

Can I do the hair removal during the lactation ?

During the lactation, beside the part of chest and both armpit, it is okay to do the hair removal.

Eyelash Extension

What is eyelash extensions ?

It is a technical treatment to extend the eyelashes with the artifical eyelashes with special glue (adhesive).

How long is the treatment ?

When installment, it has to count the number and the type of the eyelashes, so it may take 1 hour until 2 hours.

For one time applied, how long it will stand out ?

Actually, you can do the installment by yourself, then actually the artificial eyelashes stretch along with the real one (instead of grow). Maybe it will take around 3 weeks until 1 months.

To keep always the beauty, how long should I change and apply that?

You doesn’t have to apply and change it all. The point is to maintain the beauty condition, you have to do the maintenance for 2-3 weeks.

What if I want to remove the eyelash extensions ?

You can remove it by using special removal one by one, but if you take it by force, it will cut the eyelashes, so you better go to the shop.

Is that okay to doing eyelashes extensions for the sensitive skin ?

Yes, it is allright.

The skin is safe because it does not put the glue (adhesive). But at the time of treatment, since it uses a dedicated tape for protection under eyelashes, please let the practitioner know that the skin is sensitive.

Is that possible to do the installment of eyelashes while using contact lens?

Yes, it can.

But, for the treatment it may take some time, so maybe your eyes will get dry. For someone who have hyperemia we suggest to remove the contact lens before the treatment.

Is that hurt when applying the eyelashes ?

Mostly there is no pain when applying the eyelashes.

Even the eyelashes is short and not much, is that possible to do the extensions?

Yes, it is possible. Please discuss with the pratitioner for adjusting with the eyelashes condition, so we can determine which one to be apply regarding the eyelashes’s thickness, type, and also the glue that will be use (adhesive).

If I done the eyelashes extensions, will my eyelashes will become less or getting hurt ?

Depends on the handling method and subsequent when applying, it sorely may become less eyelashes, but it is okay in most cases.

When I am doing the eyelashes extention, can I do the activity such as facial, bathing, or also sport ?

Immediately after the treatment is no problem. There are no case that it will come off after the facial or because of sweat.

I heard that if I use eyelashes extention, then I can’t use oil cleansing, is that true?

The main problem is because the glue (adhesive) is weak of oil (oil material) so that become easy to came off. For the long use of the eyelashes extensions, we suggest you to use special cleansing from the shop.

Can I put on the mascara if I am using eyelashes extensions?

Yes, you can.

We recommend you to  use special mascara from our shop.

Can I use eyelashes curler if I use the extensions?

If you use the curler, it may become the reason that the extenesions get easy to came off and broken. And if you use the heat curler, it is possible that it will affect the extensions and the curl will be look bad.

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